All the services you need to know that Villas Key can arrange!

Complementary services

Villas Key's permanent goal is for its customers to have quick and easy access to all kinds of services they may need after or prior to buying, selling or renting. Soon Villas Key will be able to provide its clients with several options of companies of the region, from the most varied sectors, that allow a quality service to its clients. These companies are the result of the excellent relationship created with them, during these several years of our real estate activity.
We are keenly and constantly innovating to meet the real needs and motivations of all our clients, seeking to find the best and most balanced investment solutions, promoting them in the clearest, most transparent and most serious way.
Save time
With four stores and a vast sales team, the solutions quickly reach thousands of interested customers, whose trust has been gained over many years in the market.
Save money
The great knowledge of the real estate market and the trading experience of our professionals, make your transaction at the best market price.
Save worry
Have you thought about the bureaucracy that involves selling or buying a property? Do you have the necessary documents to complete the business? City hall, land registry office, finances, banks, mortgages, certificates… What about mortgage? You will go from bank to bank collecting the best offer, when you can receive them in just one of our stores.
We accompany our clients throughout the mediation process, avoiding inconvenience and unnecessary worries.
We give security
We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in real estate. We have economists, tax experts, civil engineers, CMVM-recognized real estate appraisers, and computer technicians on the company's board. We are registered with IMPIC - Institute of Public Real Estate and Construction Markets, under the license AMI 10865. We are Bank Credit Intermediary Linked with the registration No. 0003649 at Banco de Portugal, where we are allowed to collect mortgage loans. itself, without having to go to multiple banks, impartially, free of charge and supervised. We have a law firm that collaborates with us, imparting transparency and credibility to the entire process. We have 150,000 Euros (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros) liability insurance through the insurer “Companhia de Seguros Mapfre Seguros”.
We have everything to ensure you peace of mind in your real estate transaction.