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Trust our ability to find the property of your dreams. With Villas Key you don't have to do a lot of online research or go all around to multiple real estate agents. Leave this concern to us. We will find it for you.

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Our professionals are well-trained men and women with the know-how to determine a commercial appraisal of your property, to enable a quick sale that meets your expectations.

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We have the Experience!

We have the Experience!

Villas Key, with a long experience in this market, where it has been operating for dozens of years, wants all its clients to have easy access to all kinds of complementary services that may be needed, before or after the sale or lease process. Many of these companies that provide these services are the result of excellent relationships, created allong the years, with entities from the region.
Thus, Villas Key will be cooperate to advise its clients in areas as diverse as credit support, remodeling and construction, projects and certification, decoration and furniture, currency exchange, rentabilization and property management, as well as all the monitoring given, for free, by our experts at all stages of the process.

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Latest Property Market Trends and information about the Algarve

The real estate market and everything that affects it, or in some way influences it, is constantly changing.
It is more than logical to pay attention to what future prospects or estimates are. They may determine more or less success in the investments that are made.
Thus, Villas Key, knowing the importance that trends end up having in any investment, will always be aware of any trend that may determine the optimization of any asset.

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Who we are
Who we are

We invite you to know Villas Key 

Villas Key is a Portuguese company based in the Algarve, headquartered in the historic city of Lagos, with two other offices in the localities of Alvor and Lagoa, in order to provide the best service and meet the needs of our clients.
The company was founded by CEO Clarisse Cruz, with long experience in the activity of more than 20 years, allied to his know-how, accuracy, quality and friendliness, managed to create a team of consultants extremely prepared to provide a service of excellence to its clients, as well as a solid and profound knowledge of the real estate sector.
As a result of synergies with other real estate companies, Villas Key offers a wide Real Estate selection in the different municipalities of the Algarve, thus achieving to associate properties with the preferences of our clients.
Villas Key specializes in real estate transactions, leasing of commercial spaces, consisting of a range of high quality residential and commercial properties.
To address the requests of our clients, was recently created the Department of leases, specialized for vacation and long term lease, origining the website
With a huge growth, Villas Key did not stop and risked the creation of the website for the high quality properties that deserve a treatment and personalized service.
Each client has a different dream and each one, special and unique.  
Perform your project at Villas Key Gold.
We will be at your disposal to help you fulfill your dreams!

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