COVID-19 | Portuguese Airports

New procedures at Portuguese airports

Temperature Control and Testing

Measures concerning air traffic and passenger movement and control at  airports  have been adapted to the different epidemiological developments in  several countries.

In Order No. 6756 - C/ 2020 , of 30 of June, it was determined the obligation for passengers on flights from Portuguese- speaking countries or  United  States  of America ( referred to in paragraph 3 of  that  Order) to  show  negative COVID- 19  tests, at the time of departure, under penalty of being refused their  entry  into  national territory.

In addition, in no. 6 of the same Order, we can read that  " National citizens and  foreign citizens with legal residence in national territory who, exceptionally, do not bear proof of the test to COVID- 19 , with a negative result, shall be immediately assisted by the competent security authorities for the performance of the referred  test at their own expenses".

In order to ensure logistic conditions, in terms of passenger flows and availability of the test service upon arrival, as well as to prevent the entry and circulation  in Portugal of untested passengers coming from countries considered of risk or regions of epidemiological risk, Order no. 6948 - A/ 2020 came into force since the last 4 th of July, to determine the performance of temperature control and tests to COVID- 19 at airports.

This Order is applicable to the national airports managed by ANA, S. A.  not  including  the airports of Madeira and Azores.

What does the Order say?

  ANA, S. A., in the Portuguese international airports it manages, must continue to carry out infrared temperature screening on all passengers arriving at Portugal.

Passengers found to have a relevant fever, as defined by the Directorate General of Health, should be directed immediately to a dedicated space with privacy, where they will be subjected to a second fever screening. I f the evaluation of the situation justifies, they will be subjected to molecular testing RT- PCR to COVID- 19 on site or will be called INEM   ( National emergency Services).

Infrared fever control monitoring and the second screening - carried out  by  qualified health professionals - will be the responsibility of ANA, S. A., which may subcontract the service.

Passengers detected with fever or subjected to the RT- PCR molecular test to COVID- 19 under the terms of the previous paragraph may leave the airport, after providing their contact details, and will remain confined in their destinations of residence until they  receive the negative results of the  RT- PCR  molecular test, following the  guidelines of  the Directorate General of Health for these cases.

Airlines operating from origins that may be identified as epidemiological risk by the Directorate General of Health and those operating from Portuguese- speaking countries and the United States, as established in no. 5 of Joint Order no. 6756 - C/ 2020 , of 30 of June, cannot allow the boarding to Portugal as f inal destination, of non- Portuguese or non- residents in the country, i f they don’ t present at departure proof of molecular testing RT- PCR with a negative result to COVID- 19 , in the 72 hours preceding the flight.

Giving the prohibition described in the previous paragraph, i f passengers are taken on board without proof of having carried out the RT- PCR molecular test with a negative result, they shall be subjected to the RT- PCR molecular test on arrival at Portugal, at their own expenses, and the companies shall warn all passengers that - with the exception of Portuguese and foreigners residing in Portugal - they will not be  allowed  to enter the Country without performing the RT- PCR molecular test. In addition, said companies, shall inform the airport of destination, about the number of  passengers  who boarded without proof of having the RT- PCR molecular test result.

Passengers travelling without  molecular test RT- PCR will be immediately tested at the airport and - except if they are Portuguese citizens or foreigners residing in Portugal - may not enter in Portugal if they refuse to do so. Also, the airline company that transported them will bear the cost of returning to their country of origin on  the first flight.

The tests referred to in the previous number will be performed and  made available by ANA, S. A., through qualified  health professionals, and this service may  be subcontracted, and people should await the result of the tests confined to their destinations of residence,  making the contact details available, following the rules of the Directorate General of Health.

Companies that violate the prohibition  of  not boarding passengers  who are not Portuguese or residents in Portugal, without tests with negative results will be  subject to   a f ine, which will be instituted under  the  legal terms, in the amount of  1000  euros,  per passenger without molecular test RT- PCR. Urgent and unavoidable duly substantiated cases may be excepted. The infraction    will    be     reported    to     ANAC ( National Aviation  Agency),  which will instruct the respective administrative proceeding  and will  apply   the   respective f ines. The income from these f ines will be paid to ANA, S. A. to reimburse the costs incurred with the tests on arrival and temperature control. For this purpose, ANA,  S. A. will present the respective costs monthly to ANAC, which will make the payment within f i fteen days.

ANA, S. A. has  also announced in its own communication, available on its website, the reinforcement of protection and hygiene measures in its airports so that all passengers feel safe to use air transport.