Approach to the type of property in portal disclosure

About the word Gold

We used the word Gold to determine, differentiate, luxury real estate assets or with unique characteristics, which make the same an asset of interest to a specific group of customers, more concerned with the details and characteristics that make it As gold, with exactly the final value of the property. We all know that gold has a high value because it exists in a small amount, that is, basically being unique or rare, when compared to several other types of precious metals.

The definition of luxury real estate is always something susceptible to enormous discussion as to its definition. What, sometimes characterized by luxury for some, is only a high value asset for others.

The mere fact that a property is valued by M2 far above what is the average of the area, does not mean directly that it is a luxury property. Its value, differentiated, is high because it gathers a number of other features that end up making it unique or rare, we talk about residential, commercial or simply in the investment strand of great potential.

Basically, its selling value is just a reference to justify these characteristics that ultimately make it "special".

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