COVID-19 - Pandemic in Portugal and the temporary closure of some services.

Villas Key - Closed temporarily the office

Dear customers, partners and friends,

We live suspended days that should not prevent us from looking ahead, from having hope and planning for the future.

COVID-19, which has become part of our lives on a planetary scale, places us with new challenges every day, demands caution, rigor and solidarity to protect ourselves and defend those around us, our loved ones and everyone in general.

In five years of activity, Villas Key and its team are proud to have been part of the lives of people from all over the world, helping them to sell and buy real estate, being the key to so many projects and dreams with endings happy. We made thousands of friends, who are now part of the Villas Key family!

Collected in teleworking, Villas Key's professionals continue to monitor ongoing sales processes and are available to answer any questions you may have.

The social isolation to which the majority of society is consciously and courageously forced is only physical. From the homes of each one of us, we can and should stimulate virtual social relationships, through social networks, websites, emails, phone calls and video calls.

At Villas Key you will always find, every day, a friend to welcome your questions and doubts, to provide information and help in situations that are within our reach or that of our partner network.

We live in times of overcoming. Fear must be replaced by hope and the strength of not giving up in the adversity of the unknown. And of not giving up dreaming and planning the future of the best days that will come.

The example of professionals in the health, distribution and food sectors, as well as the security forces, among others, who continue to do their best abroad for all of us, deserves our recognition and applause. And it is inspiring in the hope of returning to the longed for normalcy.

Count on Villas Key in these days of overcoming. We count on you and together we don't give up on day-to-day and planning the future.

CEO Villas Key 

Clarisse Cruz