Buying a property and renting it is a wise way to apply your capital.

The 25 best countries to invest in real estate. Portugal is one of them.

As a landlord, you're going to get paid for stopping a good root, instead of paying to enjoy it. In his most recent study, GOBankingRates discovered the best countries to invest in real estate, based on the potential return on the application. Three aspects were taken into account:

– The monthly lease of a housing with 1,292 square meters;

– The income tax in the order of 1,274 euros per month;

– Maintenance fees and other costs.

Each item received a score and the three were combined to form a final classification. The higher the score, the greater the potential revenue for the owners. The list is dominated by European and South American countries.

Portugal was in the 23rd position with the following results: lease profitability of 5.4%; Revenue from the lease of 26.4% and income earned of 1,646 euros.

Remember, before deciding to leave for an investment in a foreign country such as Portugal, it is important that you are aware of the laws and tax codes in force in these territories, please consult a professional Villas Key who can advise and forward you properly .

In cash Live portal 21/05/2019